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The Federation is pro-active!
April 2017

Members are being helped with individual problems and concerns relating to:

  • waste classification management
  • oil supply line fittings
  • Domestic Oil tank compliance
  • Effectiveness of CP schemes
  • Heating system zones
  • Fire valve installation requirements
  • Mandatory boiler servicing 

The Federation is to undertake major work in the review and redrafting of BS 5410 Part 1 for oil installation work to ensure that published guidance helps and protects installers and service engineers.

Federation started UK Government petition to call for legislation to be laid which would make it illegal to retail controlled building services such as boilers, cylinders, oil tanks, etc. to unqualified persons - the calling of an early general election has put a temporary stop to this but once a new government is formed we will take up the mantle again!

March 2017

The future of kerosene fuel quality rests in your hands! members are asked to log in to drafts.bsigroup.com register and comment on BS 2869 with regard to kerosene density range which should be 0.78 - 0.81 and not 0.75 (white spirit) - 0.84 (red diesel).

Members are being helped with individual problems and concerns relating to:

  • Engineer Insurance
  • Commercial Oil tank compliance
  • Fire valve installation requirements
  • Contractural obligations
  • Oil pumps leaking
  • Domestic oil tank installation compliance issues 

The Federation is still undertaking major work in the review and redrafting of BS 5410 Part 2 for oil installation work to ensure that published guidance does not lead installers to inadvertently create illegal installations!

February 2017

Members are being helped with individual problems and concerns relating to:

  • NVQ qualifications
  • Pipework insulating compliance with building regulations
  • comparative heating running costs
  • field training placements for new entrantsd to industry
  • oil tank fill points for delivery drivers safe filling. 

The Federation is currently undertaking major work in the review and redrafting of BS 5410 Part 2 for oil installation work to ensure that published guidance does not lead installers to inadvertently create illegal installations!

January 2017

Members are being helped with individual problems and concerns relating to:

  • more illegal oil tank installations
  • oil tank fire & pollution risks
  • who polices the policemen?
  • manufacturers equipment preventing compliant installations!

Federation working on Government consultations on the future of domestic and non-domestic heating as well as British Standard revisions for engineers!

December 2016

Members are being helped with individual problems and concerns relating to:

  • loosing compliant quotes to illegal installations
  • building defintions
  • consumer issues
  • CO or CO2 alarms mandatory?
  • oil tank compliance
  • domestic heating consultation
  • british standards revisions
  • boiler flue locations
  • repairs and renewals V Controlled service work
  • soldered fittings on oil supply lines
  • single skinned oil tanks still being fitted next to rivers, dykes and above groundwater source protection zones.

Federation working on industry consultations and standards revisions for engineers!

November 2016

Members are being helped with individual problems and concerns relating to:

  • flue and chimney problems
  • consumer warranty issues
  • customers unreasonable demands

Federation represents engineers at British Standards Institute review meeting of BS 5410 Part 2 for commercial oil applications.

October 2016

Members are being helped with individual problems and concerns relating to:

  • manufacturers warranties
  • flexible oil line failures
  • leaking oil filters
  • environmental contamination from oil

September 2016

Members are being helped with individual problems and concerns relating to:

  • Disposal of redundant oil tanks
  • Fuel Contamination

August 2016

Members are being helped with individual problems and concerns relating to:

  • Oil leak actions
  • non-compliant works
  • Commercial oil storage
  • Landlord Asbestos awareness & policy statement
  • 13 month old heat exchanger leaking
  • Circulating pumps in oil combi's - another reported potential electrical fire problem!

Other news:

  • Federation meets with Department for Communities and Local Government to discuss Building Regulation concerns.

July 2016

Members are being helped with individual problems and concerns relating to:

  • Spares availability
  • Work place temperatures
  • Existing system & new boiler compatibility
  • oil supply system components
  • oil storage tanks
  • boiler system components
  • Premature fuel pump failures/fuel lubricity questions.

Members are being helped and updated on concerns relating to:

  • Bsi post Brexit position - no change!

Other news:

  • Federation invited to meet with Department for Communities and Local Government to discuss Building Regulation concerns.

June 2016

Members have been helped with individual problems and concerns relating to:

  • Circulating pumps melting in oil combi's
  • Oil tank manufacturing standards
  • Commercial oil tank fire protection requirements
  • Fuel standards
  • ErPD compliant boilers
  • legitimacy of heating equipment ebay adverts
  • Asbestosis
  • Cast iron radiator refurbishment
  • Oil Tank Regulations in Wales                         

Members have been helped and updated on concerns relating to:

  • Brexit - what next?
  • Small Business - Law changes
  • Construction Design Management  Regulations.
  • Exemptions to ErPD rules which can be applied when replaceing circulating pumps.

Other activities this month.

  • Annual General Meeting
  • 2016/17 Council of members elected
  • Annual Council meeting.


May 2016

  • BS 5410 Part 3 Published!
  • Communication and membership systems upgraded
  • Members helped with individual case problems and concerns

April 2016

  • Federation attends British Standard content resolution meeting for BS 5410 part 3. All Federation members concerns have been addressed.

March 2016

  • Federation witnesses and reports on oil sector industry representatives including the FPS & OFTEC being told by HSE "ignore the law and we will prosecute!"

Feb 2016

  • The fight is on! Standard makers ignore the law leaving engineers and installers liable for prosecution!

Jan 2016

  • Federation submits 55 point challenge and amendments to British Standard Institute consultation on Oil Industry Standard BS 5410 Part 3.

Oct/Nov/Dec 2015

  • Federation investigates online and trade outlets selling non-compliant heating equipment

  • Boiler manufacturer lists and makes available new spare parts items in response to Federation request on behalf of members.

  • Federation helps member resolve oil tank liability issues

  • Federation upholds member complaint against boiler manufacturer - manufacturer agrees to address issues for engineer and customer.

September 2015

  • Federation saves members money with the Domestic Heating Design Guide

  • Federation members comments on the Control of Pollution Wales draft regulations welcomed by Civil Servants

  • Members individual enquiries and concerns dealt with

August 2015

  • Summer Newsletter circulated to members only, non-members are missing out on important updates and information!

  • Federation reveals EU Commission report that admits that Energy Product Labeling doesn't work!

  • Trade press publish Federation article on Commission report.

  • Members united formal submission made to British Standards to improve flexible oil line standard.

July 2015

  • Draft BS/EN Flexible Oil Line Standard circulated to members for comment

  • Wales draft Control of Pollution regulations circulated to members for comment

  • ErPD info sent to press so all engineers get to see!

  • Consumer Alternative Dispute resolution advice sent to members - see what your customers are being told!

  • Government info on RHI circulated to members hot off the Government press - read about it 6 weeks later in the Trade press - if it gets published!

  • members individual enquiries and concerns addressed

June 2015

  • Federation AGM held Monday 29th June. 

  • Federation Council of members for 2015/16 appointed

  • Federation Membership grows year on year by + 35% 

  • New Federation Council reduces membership fees due to continued growth in membership. 

  • Member supported with rogue customer spurious compensation claims.

May 2015

  • Member reports out of date flexible oil lines being sold to engineers - member advised on appropriate action to be taken with distributor.

  • Detailed two part guidance on Energy Labeling/ErPD circulated to Federation Members.

  • Clarifications sought and obtained from DEFRA for Federation Members on ErPD/Labeling.

April 2015

  • Federation holds successful breakfast morning at Plumb Centre Alnwick.

  • Federation works with Trading Standards to stop false online warranty claims regarding liquidated oil tanks being sold online.  

  • BS 5410 part 3 sent out to members for comment

March 2015

  • Spring Newsletter and update circulated to Members

  • Federation supports member - Building Control upholds member's findings and cooperates on enforcement.

  • Federation maintains pressure on Government to level the Competent Persons playing field!

  • Federation helps member challenge conflicting advice being given out by Competent Person Scheme.

  • Member helped with dealing with manufacturer over premature fuel pump failures.

February 2015

  • Federation successfully helps Gas Engineer member receive payment in full from "Rogue" customer!

January 2015

  • Federation challenges Ministers response!

December 2014

  • BS 5410 Part 1 2014 Published. Comes into force on the 1st January 2015.

  • Federation submits claim to Government on behalf of engineers miss-sold CPS consumer warranty and Works Notification since 2010! 

November 2014

  • Federation members able to comment on final draft of gas pipe installation standard BS 6891!

  • Federation reviews final pre-publication copy of BS 5410 Part 1 2014 for members

October 2014

  • Federation gets the truth from Government on Building Regulatory Requirements for Works Notifications in England.

  • Federation investigates heating sector manufacturer which went into voluntary liquidation leaving members at risk of warranty claims

September 2014

  • Federation members submit BS 5410 Part 1 final comments to British Standards Institute.

  • Federation helps member with customer threats for "compensation".

  • Federation helps member to protect themselves from spurious customer claims.

  •  Federation finds specialist installation materials manufacturer for member.

July/August 2014

  • Draft BS 5410 Part 1 circulated to members for comment

  • Successful Federation AGM held

  • Federation Council elected

  • Federation membership has increased >50% year on year

May/June 2014

  • membership numbers growing 

  • Individual support and advice provided to members

  • Federation helps DEFRA win EU Nox battle for engineers

March/April 2014

  • 90 Engineers have signed up to assessment petition (day 23). 

  • New Consumer protection laws reviewed and members advised on potential pitfalls and consequences.

  • Federation launches campaign to achieve annual updating of heating engineer's to replace current 5 yearly re-assessments

  • Federation launches online questionnaire to identify scale of oil boiler baffle and fuel pump problems encountered in the field

January/February 2014

  • Federation and HEnetwork work together to help engineers

  • Federation reviews new consumer laws for impact on engineers

  • Federation liaises with appliance manufacturer on behalf of member to resolve customers issues, which are put right foc by appliance manufacturer!

  • Federation attends 2 British Standards technical committee meetings and proposes changes for both oil and gas standards to support and help engineers.

November/December 2013

  • Federation welcomes new Corporate Associate member Envirostore UK Ltd

  • Federation continues to provide help and advice services to Federation members

  • Federation supports UK Government challenge to EU's proposals to use old standards for Nox emissions from burners.

  • Federation monitors and responds to government consultations

  • Federation influences changes to British Standards for Oil Heating Engineers

  • Federation reviewing Gas industry British Standards/European Directive for any consequential effect on Gas Heating Engineers

  • Federation creates proposal for cross industry definition of a boiler compartment.

Sept/October 2013

  • Federation submits request to BSI for a clear and workable on site applicable definition of a "Compartment" for oil and gas boiler installations

  • Federation attends BSI meetings on behalf of members

  • Federation submits "EU Directive V CE marking of burners" concerns to Government to avoid CE marked burners made available for engineers to use not being complaint with ERP Directive.

  • Federation publishes outcomes of liaison with Government in Autumn newsletter.

  • Federation Joins forces with FPS to enable the reporting of unsafe oil tank installations.

August 2013

  • Federation formally submits members views concerns and comments on BS 5410 Part 1 to Bsi.

  • Trade press embargo against Federation successfully challenged and lifted.

  • Department of Communities and Local Government investigating Federation concerns.

  • Gas Safety Concerns for commercial gas burner engineers raised with British Standards Institute. Federation to represent engineers on BSi Gas standards technical committee.

  • Membership increasing!

  • Communities & Local Government respond to Federation concerns. 

July 2013

  • BS 5410 Part 1 circulated to Federation members for comment and review. 

  • Positive meeting held with Communities and Local Government civil servants opening lines of communication such that the voice of Federation members can and will be heard. 

June 2013

  • Federation meeting with Civil Servants to discuss Competent Persons Schemes and Federation members complaints and concerns confirmed for July

  • Federation Blackballed by oil industry magazine!

  • Federation Council agrees new actions

  • New Council Elected for the next 12 months

  • AGM held at EOGB Energy Products Ltd

May 2013
  • Challenge raised to British Standards Institute over unworkable standard requirements!

  • Federation reports Competent Persons Scheme provider to Under Secretary of State for not investigating engineer complaint!

  • OFTEC "technician relief" announcement satisfies part of Federation member complaint.

April 2013

  • Working with Bsi on CEN appliance manufacturers data provision for engineers.

  • Federation now represents members on British Standard Technical committee RHE/13 for oil equipment and installation standards
  • Under Secretary of State Rt Hon Don Foster MP confirms that technician's right's are enshrined in new Competent Person schemes operating standard EN 45011 and that CP schemes are now monitored on behalf of government to make sure that rule and rights are adhered to - if you make a formal complaint to a CP scheme it HAS to be dealt with properly or else it can be taken to a higher level as a contravention of the licence issued to it by government!!!!
March 2013
  • Formal written position submitted to Communities and Local Government minister.
February 2013
  • Competent persons schemes pushing unfair "warranty" insurance - Federation taking the fight to Government!
January 2013
  • Latest EU labeling Directive working documents show improved position for installers. Half of installer (dealer) label production requirements removed from working documents - Federation working with controls manufacturer's representative body TACMA and Govt department DEFRA to get all installer (dealer) label production requirements removed!
December 2012
  • Federation raises engineer concerns over EU Labeling Directive with UK Government. The proposal could cost engineers circa £88m in lost time and additional training costs and expenses!
November 2012
  • Website hits averaging over 500+ per month!
  • Installer EuP labeling requirements - more news expected in December
  • Federation to meet with Government to make technician rights compulsory!
  • Federation wins improved rights for Competent Person scheme members - press release to follow!
October 2012
  • Green Deal review - what does it really mean to you? Federation questions and challenges latest information for consumers as genuine engineers will loose their customers!
September 2012
  • Federation raises awareness and concerns over proposed new consumer laws
  • Over 2.5k hits to website to date.
  • Competent person scheme Chairman personally investigating Federation Member Concerns
  • Federation asked to comment on British Standards
  • New Corporate Associate member Dobies Heat Centers Ltd signs up in Scotland
  • Press publishes trade reporting service details 
  • CLG officials agree to meet with federation officials
August 2012
  • Federation Director Glen Rae attends complaint hearing supporting federation member meeting with Competent Person Scheme Main Board Chairman
  • Federation adopts new image & logo
  • Reporting Service receives its first submissions about boiler problems in the North East of England
  • Federation launches new online problem reporting service
  • Federation circulates CLG Competent Persons Schemes report and new rules
July 2012
  • Federation Mission Statement published.
  • 1st manufacturer Tuffa UK Ltd formally supports federation and signs up as a corporate associate 
  • Andrew Stunell MP, Under Secretary of State confirms that CP scheme gave contrary advice to CLG officials! CP Scheme Chairman now to personally hear complaint!!!
  • new federation Mems & Arts being drafted to enshrine the principles of being not for profit and being run by and for members.
  • press articles published to let the trade know what is really going on.
  • Challenge made against false statements contained in Under Secretary of State's letter
  • Federation executive stands firm in support of trade
June 2012
  • Under Secretary of State responds to federation concerns.
  • DEFRA Challenge EU in Brussels following Federation meeting
  • Federation holds one to one meeting with DEFRA - strengthens case against EU proposals for engineers!
  • Inaugural Council formed from membership - meeting a great success and start.
  • Over 1000 + websites hits recorded.
  • News articles published in PHAM and H&V news.
  • DEFRA support for Federation challenge to EU Directive! 
  • Federation challenges EU Commission Directive
May 2012
  • Member Complaint about a CP scheme upheld - Federation to take action!
  • BRE Director takes up Federation comments
  • Industry support received for federation work
  • Oil installer magazine advert published.
  • Federation submits consultation response to Government advisers pointing out impracticalities in their proposals for Heating Engineers
  • Federation attracts massive interest - over 500 website hits in first week!
  • Press run with federation challenge to radiator manufacturers.
  • Federation asks: How "Green" does an installer have to be to sign up to the Green Deal?
  • Press release launch in trade press
  • Federation now running on twitter.
  • Federation throws down gauntlet to radiator manufacturers to provide installers with realistic radiator output data which does not have to be re-calculated for normal jobs!
  • Federation officially launched 1st May 2012.
April 2012
  • Challenge being compiled for submission to CLG regarding onerous and unescesery insurance and other requirements being placed on Competent Technicians and Engineers whilst at the same time Govt is proposing to relax the insurance backed requirements for approved inspectors!!! Contact Glen Rae for further info.
  • Engineers and technicians collated response submitted to CLG (Building regs) challenging proposals for additional "consequential works" to be carried out when a boiler is replaced. Contact Alan Black for further info.