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Article 50 invoked - now the work begins!

It is very important that all industry groups, bodies and businesses sort out quickly and clearly which EU legislation is worth keeping as is, which can be kept with amendments and which needs to be scraped all together!

When this is agreed a major government lobbying campaign will need to be instigated and maintained until we get what we want.


If you want changes made you need to put your hands in your pocket and join and/or donate funds to the Federation so we have a battle fund to work with on your behalf.

If you don't support those working for you don't complain that you don't like the outcome... "Daddy, what did you do in the war?"


The country has voted to leave the EU.

Over the next 3 - 5 years the UK Government, law makers and standards bodies will have to review all current EU laws, Directives and Standards and decide which ones to keep, which ones to scrap and which ones to amend as our own.

This is your chance to make a difference. For example under EU law as heating engineers we are dictated to under the Energy Labelling Directive what we must write in our quotes to our customers, produce package labels which are as much use as a chocolate tea pot, and our customers don't want, oh and don't forget it is an offence not to comply with this.

It is more important than ever that Heating Engineers in the UK have a formal representative voice that will lobby Government, law makers and standards setters to make the changes that you want to be made. Believe me the big business boys out there (and those that represent them) will want to retain as much of the EU rubbish as it can and try its damnedest to influence government accordingly. It is up to us all to fight and make a real difference.

Join now, have your voice heard and make a real difference for your future!